Research Issues

  • Data Modeling
  • Network Modeling
  • Zigbee – Low Power Networks
  • Open architecture – So as to allow multiple smart meters to integrate with the HAN, we prefer to go with an open architecture for wSmartGrid.
  • Wireless Debate – Since UCLA’s Wireless Internet for Mobile Enterprise Consortium(WINMEC) is a neutral meeting ground and promotes thought leadership, best of breed and standards, we will encourage open debate on which wireless protocol to use including 801.15.4 (Zigbee, IPv6LoPAN), 802.11 (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth, and even look at WANs such as WiMax, LTE, CDMA, EDGE, etc.
  • Home Area Networking (HAN) architecture – Looking at architectures that are available today for AMI systems such as iTron, Cellnet, Elster, etc., and being compatible with the major providers, where possible.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Integration

    Other Research Projects Proposed to Connection Member

  • Monitoring of infrastructure to report to control center for rapid decision making
  • Millisecond delay wireless networks for the field
  • Quick reporting of Use of RFID to track smart meters for asset management
  • Use of Wireless-integrated temperature monitors for field applications
  • To determine distance between cables and trees in the field.
  • Bring intelligence to condition of equipment by monitoring temperature.
  • Monitoring sparking wirelessly and bring this information to the Central station
  • Monitoring condition of underground power lines where oil line is in close proximity of the power line to prevent explosions
  • Remote monitoring of conductor temperature
  • Benefits of above - Reduction of labor costs and ability to monitor the above variables more frequently, automatically, accurately, and with less human intervention.

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    November 2, 2011
    Forum at UCLA

    Leadership Council
    Smart Grid Technology

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    Objectives of WINSmartGridTM Connection

    • The objective of the WINSmartGridTM Connection is to advance novel Wireless SmartGrid technologies in university labs, perform testing in the labs, transition technologies into the field for scaled testing, and work with partners for full rollout.

    Benefits to the Utilities

    • Integration of home-based Wireless network to their smart meter architecture
    • Low cost connectivity to achieve the vision of the National Global SmartGrid.
    • Low power technology that provides connectivity.
    • Two way connectivity for monitoring and control of the last mile of the Global SmartGrid (homes, offices, factories).