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Tentative Program
November 4, 2009
7:30 AM
8:00 AM
Registration / Breakfast
8:00 AM
8:15 AM
Welcome : UCLA
8:15 AM
9:25 AM
Session 1: Utility Perspective - Working in the New World of a Smart Grid  
Chair: Asad Madni, Executive Managing Director, CTO, Crocker Capital

Plenary: Ted Reguly, Director - Smart Meter Program Office, San Diego Gas and Electric
'How does a Smart Meter support a Smart Grid?'
Joel Ibarbia, Senior Consulting Engineer - SmartMeter, PG&E SmartMeter Engineering and Planning
'Some challenges of deploying the SmartMeter Network at PG&E to maybe support the smart grid over time'
Kevin Garrity, Manager, LADWP
'What does Smart Grid really mean?'
9:25 AM
10:35 AM
Session 2: Designing the Energy Grid of the Future - Transmission, Distribution and now… Renewables  
Chair: Ram Sriram, Leader, Design and Process Group, NIST

Plenary: Lee Krevat, Director - Smart Grid, San Diego Gas & Electric
'Smart Grid Initiative'
John Nelson, Chief, Electricity & Renewables, Defense Energy Support Center
'Defense Energy Support Center Renewable Initiatives'
Scott Pugh, Science & Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security
'Protecting America’s Electric Grid'
Jayant Kumar, Director, Strategy & Partnership, AREVA T&D Inc
'Integrating Distribution Control Center with Smart Metering and Distributed Energy Resources'
10:35 AM
10:55 AM
Coffee Break
10:55 AM
11:55 AM
Session 3: Technology Perspective - Redoing the Back Haul for the next 25 Years of the Smart Grid  
Chair: Henry Khoo, Senior Engineer, SCE

Plenary: Malcolm Unsworth, President & CEO, Itron, Inc.
'Ten Things Itron Knows to be True About the Smart Grid'
Mark McGranaghan, VP, EPRI
'Update on Smart Grid Demonstration'
Marie Hattar, VP, Network Systems and Security Solutions, Cisco
'Intelligent Technologies: Shaping the future of Smart Grid.'
11:55 AM
12:20 PM
Lunch Starts
12:20 PM
12:40 PM
Luncheon Speech :  Rajit Gadh, Professor & Director, UCLA - WINMEC
WINSmartGridTM – An architecture for the last mile of the Smart Grid
12:40 PM
2:00 PM
Session 4: Innovations and Advances and how they are expected to change Grid Operations and Grid Economics  
Chair: Peter Pardee, Vice President, Hughes Network Systems

Plenary: John Garrity, Manager, RF& Photonics laboratory, GE Global Research
'Flexibility for Emerging Capabilities'
Dave Chassin, Staff Scientist, PNNL
'Results of simulation of real-time price customer behavior on the Olympic Peninsula'
Robert Friday, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Wireless Networking Business Unit, Cisco
'How IP Networks are Transforming the Grid'
Rhonda Jacobs, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young, LLP
'So you’ve been selected for a Smart Grid award'
Byron Washom, Director of strategic energy initiatives, UCSD
'Innovations at UCSD’s Microgrid'
2:00 PM
3:10 PM
Session 5: The Role of I.T. in Smart Energy Transmission and Distribution  
Chair: Woodrow Clark II, CEO/Energy Strategic Plans, Clark Strategic Partners

Plenary: Andres Carvallo, Chief Information Officer, Austin Energy
'Building the Smart Grid'
Weston Sylvester, Director Distribution Solutions/Smart Grid, Siemens Energy, Inc.
'Grid Realities: Tying it all Together'
Mark Hura, Global Smart Grid Commercial Leader, GE Energy T&D
'Enabling new utility 'service' models through advanced information technology & data management'
Mort Cohen, Principal, RevGen Group
'Enabling the Intelligent Substation'
3:10 PM
3:30 PM
Coffee Break
3:30 PM
4:40 PM
Session 6: Standards, Technology, Policy and Customer – Bringing them all Together  
Chair: Woodrow Clark II, CEO/Energy Strategic Plans, Clark Strategic Partners

Plenary: Woodrow Clark II, CEO/Energy Strategic Plans, Clark Strategic Partners
'The Third Industrial Revolution'
Ram Sriram, Leader, Design and Process Group, NIST
'Sustainable Manufacturing and the Smart Grid'
Paul Bunje, Executive Director, Center for Climate Change Solutions, UCLA Institute of the Environment
'The Changing Climate of Energy Systems: Policies, Markets, and Motivations'
Joaquin Silva, President and CEO, On-Ramp Wireless, Inc.
'Current Wireless SmartGrid Infrastructure is Inadequate - Technology, Spectrum & Regulations'
5:00 PM
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