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UCLA-WINMEC - Green Tech

GREEN Electronics for Wireless and RFID

UCLA-WINMEC has been researching new frontiers of green methods as applied to wireless and RFID-based electronic products. Wireless and RFID-based devices today contain a significant amount of environmentally harsh substances. This research involves studying existing products for the hazardous substances and coming up with new electronic paradigms to support industrial ecology by way of greener products. An advisory board is currently being formed and companies such as HP, Intel, Qualcomm, T.I. Motorola, and other leaders are being invited to participate.

Green I.T.

After decades of relatively slow progress in ecologically friendly industrial developments (aka Industrial Ecology), the United States of America now finds itself in the midst of a relative crisis both on the environmental and energy fronts. Recent changes indicate that Green Technologies are now expected to play center-stage in the United States' National agenda. UCLA-WINMEC has launched a new Green Technology forum to discuss how advanced technologies that are integrated with I.T. infrastructure can be used to assist this national agenda and conversely how ecologically friendly approaches developed in other disciplines can be applied to technology.

Four essential ingredients of Green technologies - monitoring, renewing, conserving, and, recycling - will be discussed and how new developments out of industrial research labs, tech startups, universities etc. are creating innovative opportunities and challenging the existing status quo will be presented.

Distribution and availability of such technology to the common enterprise is a challenge - discussions will address these issues. Business, technical and research opportunities in Green Industrial Ecology would be presented by participants. The business economics of Industrial Ecology and its relationship to government policies including regulation, taxes, etc. would be important topics of discussion. The inter-relationship between developing a business case and advancement of new green technologies is an important issue for the sustained growth of this industry and will be discussed.

Greentech Forum, 2008 Representatives from industries including Power/Electricity, Water, Utilities, Oil, Mining, Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, I.T., Construction, Infrastructure, etc. were invited to participate in this open forum. On Feb 27th, along with CIO Impacts Forum, we initiated this discussion and now look forward to participation from the community.

Topics include:

  • Green technologies leading to green businesses
  • Eco-friendly and renewable energy sources such as bio-fuels
  • Monitoring, conserving and clean-up technologies
  • Integration of technologies with I.T. infrastructure
  • Modeling, measuring and obtaining the benefits of implementing green technologies
  • Public policy, government subsidies, and mandates
  • Measuring ROI/benefits
  • Internally motivated versus externally imposed solutions
  • Buying/selling of carbon trading/offsets, technology to make it possible


UCLA's WINMEC Starts Green RFID Research Project, RFID World On-line, http://www.rfid-world.com/news/208402161/, June 4, 2008

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Dr. Gadh, Director of this program, has been recipient of the 1997 NSF/LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP award. http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=102834

For further information or sponsorship information please email: greentech@cio-conference.ucla.edu