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RFID, Wireless and Remote Monitoring in the Field of Energy, Oil and Natural Gas

The use of RFID and sensors in the field of energy exploration is starting to get interest in energy industry. RFID tags are now advanced enough that they can locate assets and people to within a few feet. RFID and Wireless In case of a disaster, evacuations can be managed effectively by tracking personnel. For exploration, equipment that is used frequently can be tracked and existing inventories can be used more efficiently. Sensor-laden tiny RFID tags can monitor temperature, level of gases in the air, etc. for safety, and when installed with wireless interfaces can be sent to potentially dangerous zones remotely. With the rising prices of oil and natural gas, shipments and their weights can be tracked by way of RFID to prevent theft. In oil fields, dangerous zones can be demarcated with RFID thereby preventing people from entering dangerous zones.

The potential for RFID in Energy, Oil and Natural Gas is significant. This research program has been initiated by the UCLA WINMEC RFID Lab (http://winmec.ucla.edu/rfid). We are currently in the process of formation of an advisory board. If your company is interested, in participating, please email the following
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To energy@winmec.ucla.edu.

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