Edward K. Rice Conference Room

6764 Boelter Hall
420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA. 90095

  Directions to UCLA, Parking Information

Directions from the Parking Structure

Engineering IV is marked by (2) on the map below. is the parking information booth, (3) is boelter hall, and the Yellow Box represents parking structure 9.
From parking structure, walk towards Engineering IV.

You should use the entrance on the south side of Engineering IV building. Go into an alleyway(1) that looks like (A) It is the alleyway sandwiched by Engineering IV and Parking Structure 9.

Look for the entrance that looks (B). This is the south entrance to Engineering IV. You are now in Engineering IV or on the map building 2.

2 In Engineering IV, once entering the building find the elevators to the right. Take them up to the 5th floor.
From the 5th floor make a right down the hallway and you should see a bridge. Exit the bridge and head to Boelter hall (3)

Once you enter the glass doors of boelter hall, Rice Conference room will be on your right, the number of the room being, 6764 Edward K. Rice Conference Room